“Swell and flow”: the expert told how not to charge a smartphone

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So necessary for our today’s life, smartphones, alas, do not last long. And the reason for this is not only the reduced manufacturer’s warranty, but also improper operation, including failure to comply with important conditions for charging the battery. Head of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo Sergei Bodrov spoke about the rules that will increase the life of the gadget.

According to the expert, the smartphone should not be left in places where direct sunlight would fall on it. This is detrimental to both the screen and the batteries.

“Temperature fluctuations are not friends to your smartphone or laptop. Direct sunlight is especially detrimental to equipment: pixels can burn out on the screens under the influence of the sun, and the case of some low-quality charger may well melt, and the batteries inside the devices may swell or leak, ”

the specialist said.

But not only the sun is dangerous, but also severe frost, as well as high humidity. For example, at low temperatures, the batteries run out very quickly, and the phone simply cuts out. To reanimate the device, it is enough to warm it, for example, in your pocket. Taking your smartphone to the bathroom with you is also not the best solution. Manufacturers often do not expect that the gadget will be operated in such difficult conditions and, with abundant condensate, it can short-circuit it.

“Moisture is likely to form inside the device as condensation, which will certainly lead to a short circuit of the motherboard, and this cannot always be repaired,”

— Prime agency quotes Bodrov.

It is also important not to overheat the gadget when charging. For example, if you put the phone under the pillow, it can get very hot, which will lead to fatal consequences.

“By putting your phone under your pillow and leaving it on charge, there is a very real risk that the device will not get proper cooling. This can lead to severe overheating of the smartphone, which in the worst case can damage the battery, which subsequently leads to a fire in the device.

the expert stressed.

It is also very important, according to Bodrov, to keep some reserve in the smartphone’s memory for its correct operation. A clogged gadget will dull and freeze. It’s best to have at least 6 or 8 GB free.

Earlier, Sergey Kuzmenko explained what would happen if you leave the phone to charge at night and why it is dangerous to put it next to you in bed, in order, for example, to respond to an alarm clock in time.


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