System failure: holders of renewed bank cards have problems

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Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Russia with an expiring validity period were automatically renewed this spring. They are now valid until 2027-29. Banks went for it after the recommendation of the National Payment Card System. The owners of such «plastic» could use the full range of services within the country. But for some reason now they started to have problems.

Russians say that they can’t make payments in online stores, cards cannot be linked to online services. One of the banks said that customers really have problems. But they happen in those merchants whose acquiring bank has not disabled the card validity check on its side. It is worth doing this, and there are no more problems with payment.

Various credit organizations note that there are no mass appeals about problems with payment on extended cards. But sometimes this happens. Including some clients could not pay for public services from April to May with their «expired» cards — on the other side, the terminals were being reconfigured, Izvestia writes.

Earlier, the country’s authorities also extended the driver’s license expiring this year until 2025. We found out whether such documents would be valid in foreign countries and, for example, in online services. Also, lawyer Maria Spiridonova urged drivers not to wait until the last minute, but still decide to replace their rights earlier. In her opinion, this will help to avoid unnecessary queues that “eat up” time and nerves.


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