Take your child to school: an expert told how to get a day off on September 1

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Knowledge Day, or September 1, is not officially a public holiday. But the desire of parents not only of first-graders, but also of older children, to see schoolchildren off and visit the line is quite understandable. Lawyer Svetlana Krasnyanskaya told how you can legally get a day off that day.

According to the expert, the easiest way not to go to work is to arrange a vacation in such a way that September 1 is also included in it. Or, in agreement with the management, you can take one day at your own expense. But these are obvious options. There are others. For example, an additional day off is given to employees who work in special conditions. Such, for example, are underground work or driving a bus or tram — the list is quite large.

An additional paid non-working day can be taken by blood donors, and this day can be scheduled for September 1st. In addition, employees who worked overtime are entitled to take time off. For example, they performed their duties on holidays or weekends. In any case, Krasnyanskaya emphasized, it is worth notifying the employer about this in advance, the Prime agency reports.

School fees in recent years begin around the second half of July. This year, parents spend an average of 14,000 rubles on uniforms, sports and educational supplies. This is about 20% more than last year.

Previously, parents were advised to return the child, who goes to school on September 1, from rest 5-7 days before the start of school. This will normalize the daily routine so that there are no problems with early awakening. If a child goes to grade 1 or has difficulty adapting to new conditions, then it is better to really take a vacation for the first time. It is important for children to have their parents waiting for them at home after school. But, of course, provided that the relationship with them has developed trust. That is, they can tell everything that, for example, happened during the day, and relieve the accumulated stress.


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