The expert told why it is difficult to get through in the rain and nothing is heard

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Many, for sure, noticed that in the rain, when talking on a mobile phone, it is hard to hear the interlocutor, something gurgles on the line, breaks occur. There is an explanation for this phenomenon. Telecommunications expert Grigory Lysenko confirmed that precipitation does affect communications.

According to Lysenko, the quality of communication depends on many conditions. Including the location of the subscriber, the number of towers nearby, the phone model, the telecom operator, and even the weather. But if a little rain may not have any effect, then a downpour will have a much more noticeable effect.

“If it’s raining outside your window, then this has no effect on the quality of the signal. Communication will be like in cloudless sunny weather. If it rains like a wall, then there will already be discomfort in terms of communication quality, ”

the expert said.

Lysenko noted that when it rains heavily, water turns into a kind of screen that reflects the mobile signal, which causes interference. It’s like being in a space where there are a lot of skyscrapers, from the walls of which everything is also reflected.

“The signal will be shielded, which will cause interference, noise, and in general, the quality of communication will be reduced. Weather conditions have an even greater impact not on voice communications, but on mobile Internet. That is, heavy rain affects the transmission of the 3G and LTE signal, ”

Lysenko explained live on Sputnik radio.

The specialist also emphasized that in case of very heavy and prolonged rain, or, for example, a snowstorm and snowfall, there will definitely be problems with downloading high-definition video via the mobile Internet. The speed will drop dramatically and you will have to switch to a lower image quality if there is a need to download at least something.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia since the spring of this year, the average speed of mobile Internet has decreased due to traffic growth and the lack of opportunities for further network upgrades. Expert Andrey Trofimov then gave advice to those who do not want to put up with this.


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