The lawyer explained when money is debited from the cards of children for the debts of parents

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When loan payments are overdue, the court may oblige banks to debit money from debtors’ bank cards. But what if the card is issued not for an adult, but for a son or daughter?! The commercial director of the European Legal Service Dmitry Korolenko told whether it is possible that it is not the parents but the children who will have to pay the debts.

According to the expert, until the age of 14, that is, before obtaining a passport, only a father or mother can open a card in the name of their offspring. And her account is serviced by adults, they also own it. Therefore, such a card can really begin to write off funds to pay off the debt.

After receiving the main document, the teenager already has the full right to issue his own card, and the account will be considered his personal. Therefore, the money that is on it will not have anything to do with the debts of the parents. And here it doesn’t even matter what the sources of the funds received are, and who generally uses this card, the expert notes.

Many parents apply for a so-called «children’s» card to receive benefits and payments. Since January 1 last year, financial assistance from the state has been received exclusively on cards of the Mir payment system. And this money is forbidden to write off on account of debts on loans and other obligations.

Earlier it became known that over the eight months of this year, more than 10,000 people got rid of debts through the out-of-court bankruptcy procedure. This year, the proportion of those who are denied the procedure is decreasing, the number of positive decisions has almost doubled. But bankruptcy is not always a good way out, lawyers say. Yes, all financial obligations will be terminated, even debts for a communal apartment will be written off. But at the same time, not a single bank will approve more loans for the next five or even ten years, and it will also be impossible for a bankrupt to hold certain positions.


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