The lawyer told how to return the money for the paid vacation

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Anything happens in life, and even vacations sometimes have to be canceled. For example, if there was a force majeure at work and you cannot do without your help. What to do in this case on vacation? Do I need to return them or can I just reschedule the vacation to other days? The lawyer said Anna Ivanova.

According to the expert, the cancellation and postponement of vacation is possible only if both parties agree with such a turn of events — both the employee and the employer.

If the company has a need for the employee to urgently return to the workplace, and the employee agrees to interrupt the rest, then the latter can take his non-vacation days at any other time.

Ivanova says.

It happens that the employee himself asks for the postponement of vacation. And then the employer can go or not go to meet him. Although most often, the expert notes, such requests are granted. But here the question of money arises — after all, rest days are paid in advance, and it is impossible not to pay salaries. In this case, the employee can return the extra money.

— quotes the words of the lawyer agency «Prime».

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