The price tag has grown: how much does it cost to collect a student by September 1

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Less than a month remains before the start of the new school year. And now the store shelves are filled with goods for the school. How much does it cost today to collect a child by September 1, and how much have prices increased?

Analysts of the Check Index platform analyzed the spending of Russians on goods for study in the last two weeks of July 2022. And then compared these data with the same period last year.

It turned out that the average check amounted to 13,919 rubles. For this money, parents purchased: a first-grader set, a pencil case, a diary, a set of pencils and pens, a set of notebooks, a backpack, a school uniform and a blouse / shirt, spare trousers or skirt, sneakers and shoes or boots.

Last year, parents spent about 20% less on the same thing. At the same time, the cost of goods increased unevenly. Thus, the price tag for stationery increased by almost 10%, for backpacks — by 14%, for school uniforms — by 25%, now it can be purchased at an average of 3011 rubles. Prices for shoes have risen by about 15%, children’s shoes and boots cost about 1,900 rubles in stores.

The study notes that every year more moms and dads don’t wait until the last weeks of August to start shopping. Parents are more likely to purchase school supplies through marketplaces and online stores. At the end of July, they noted a 50 percent increase in demand for goods for study, Izvestia writes.

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