The season is close: it became known how much winter tires will rise in price

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The approach of cold weather and a decrease in air temperature means that car services will soon be crowded — drivers will begin to change summer tires for winter ones. Since literally everything related to cars is going up this year, it is logical to assume that tire prices will not remain the same either. This was confirmed by the auto expert, editor-in-chief of the automotive publication Quto Maxim Rakitin.

According to the specialist, two factors will affect the cost of tires this year. The first is seasonal. Closer to winter, the cost of rubber automatically rises.

“There will be a seasonal rise in prices for winter tires. It does not depend at all on what is happening in the economy and politics, since seasonal growth happens every year,”

Rakitin noted.

The peak of the increase occurs at the moment when the air temperature drops to about five degrees plus, the expert continued. Last year, the increase in value was 5-7%, so this year it may be exactly the same.

The second factor that will also affect the cost is market saturation. It is not yet clear whether there will be a shortage of products and whether domestic producers will be able to meet the needs of consumers.

“There may not be a shortage, because there are Russian tires and parallel imports,”

Rakitin said on the air of Sputnik radio.

The editor-in-chief warned motorists against so-called «hysterical» purchases, dictated by the fear of future price hikes and potential shortages. He recommended buying tires exactly when needed, of course, given the approaching high season.

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