“They monitor and transmit data”: an expert warned about the risks of using a VPN

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Services for bypassing blocking sites have become a part of our lives this year, but VPNs can be fraught with great danger. Pavel Korostelev, an expert in the field of cybersecurity, spoke about the risks for users.

According to the expert, free VPN services can collect data, that is, keep statistics on which sites a particular user has visited, and then transfer all this information to third parties. Paid programs are considered more reliable — at least they do not follow people and do not study what resources they use to bypass blocking. But both VPN services are most often powerless against hacks and hacker attacks that lead to personal data leaks.

Korostylev noted.

The expert also said that this service provided all the information about one of the users who were interested in the police. From which we can conclude that such programs do not provide any privacy and security. Own protection is the responsibility of the user.

Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Development said that the authorities were not going to punish Russians who use services to bypass blocking sites. At the same time, cyber expert Alexei Kurochkin warned about the dangers of free services. All information about the user “leaks” through them, including passwords from accounts, personal accounts, mail, and much more. Having received such data, fraudsters can easily rob a person, because almost everyone has banking applications with card data installed.


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