We lose weight according to the precepts of Megan Fox and Adele: what diets do the stars follow

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Megan Fox and singer Adele

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Stars are real trendsetters, even when it comes to weight loss rules. We talk about the various and popular nutrition systems that celebrities adhere to. You might also want to try one of them. However, before deciding on this, be sure to consult a doctor. After all, all diets have many contraindications.

Macrobiotic Diet (Madonna)

The Queen of Pop Madonna never ceases to amaze her fans with her athletic and fit figure. The secret of the singer is simple: regular, but at the same time varied physical activity and a macrobiotic diet. Its essence is to exclude from the diet non-organic products containing GMOs, dyes and preservatives, alcohol, caffeine, meat and poultry (sometimes allowed in small quantities), dairy products and foods high in sugar.

The macrobiotic diet involves the division of food into yin and yang, that is, female food and male food. Yin refers to sweet or sour foods, while masculine refers to spicy or salty foods. The main thing is to maintain a balance and not to consume this or that group of products in a larger volume.

As for Madonna, she prefers to form her diet from cereals, legumes, fish and seafood, fruits, vegetables and, of course, seaweed, which contain a large amount of nutrients. The performer pays great attention to water consumption: the mandatory norm is two to three liters per day.

Paleo Diet (Megan Fox)

This diet is also called the «Stone Age» diet. And all because it consists exclusively of products that took place in the Paleolithic era. These are fresh, unprocessed meats and seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, root vegetables, healthy fats and oils (olive, coconut, linseed, walnut and avocado oils).

It is important to exclude dairy products, sugar and foods high in it, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, grains and legumes, processed foods, refined oils and fats from the diet.

The diet gained the greatest popularity after the actress Megan Fox lost about 11 kilograms after giving birth in 2012.

The Mayer Diet (Rebel Wilson)

Mayer, or rather Franz Mayer, is an Austrian doctor who developed the system of three «o»: rest, purification, training. The first refers to the rejection of heavy food, the second — procedures aimed at removing toxins from the body, and the third — the formation of habits to eat right and not forget about physical activity.

According to Mayer, our well-being and health problems depend on what, how and when we eat. According to his rules, daily food intake should be limited to breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even better — the requirement of the stomach. If you do not want to eat, you should not force yourself, adjusting to the schedule. At the same time, it is necessary to forget about snacks and make sure that the last meal is no later than 19.00. For dinner, it is not recommended to eat raw plant foods, as the body digests it worse at this time. But for breakfast, fruits, vegetables, berries — that’s it.

Pay attention to how you eat too. Proponents of the diet recommend chewing food several dozen times and not eating everything that is on the plate if you feel full.. You need to start eating in a relaxed, calm state, putting your phone away and turning off the TV.

Immediately drink food is not worth it, so as not to slow down the process of digestion. It is necessary to abandon the use of alcohol, coffee, soda, fried and fatty. But alkaline foods are welcome: vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds.

Actress Rebel Wilsonfamiliar to many from the films «In Active Search» and «Pitch Perfect», lost 30 kilograms on the Myers diet.

Keto diet (Kardashian sisters, Halle Berry)

Keto diet involves the rejection of both fast and slow carbohydrates and the consumption of large amounts of fat. They make up 75% of the basis of this nutrition system. When the body realizes that it can no longer take energy from glucose, it will start looking for another way to do it — and that will be burning fat.

On a keto diet, you will have to forget about pastries, sweets, fruits with a lot of sugar (bananas, grapes), foods high in starch (rice, potatoes, corn, pasta, muesli, cereals), processed meat products. It is also necessary to limit yourself in the use of alcohol or completely forget about it.

Among drinks, water is encouraged — you can add lemon juice — in large quantities, black and green tea, coffee with milk, bone broth. The latter contains many useful things, including collagen, which prevents skin aging.

For those who decide to follow the keto diet, the menu is quite diverse. Meat, fish and seafood are ideal for the food system. Eggs, mushrooms, nuts and seeds, cheeses, fatty dairy products, oils will also go in plus. As for vegetables, it is better to choose non-starchy and grown on the ground. From fruits, you can use watermelon and melon because of the large amount of water, lemon, lime, berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, cherries, cherries, blackberries). It is not forbidden to treat yourself to coconut — of course, in moderation.

The keto diet owes much of its popularity to sisters Courtney and Kim Kardashian. The first sat on it when high levels of lead and mercury were found in the body. The second changed the nutrition system after childbirth.

Also the actress is a big fan of the keto diet Halle Berry. In her opinion, this approach to nutrition helps her not only get rid of kilograms that do not suit her, but also slow down the aging process.

Sirtfood Diet (Adele)

Sirtfood diet is based on the use of foods that increase the level of sirtuins — cellular proteins that contribute to the continuation of life. AT It is mainly a food of plant origin, rich in antioxidants. It includes buckwheat, soybeans, celery, red onion, arugula, capers, parsley, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, olive oil. But meat (except beef), fish, smoked, fried, pickled foods, pastries, sugar, soda and fast food should be excluded.

It was the sirtfood diet that helped Adele lose 45 kilograms. The diet included two stages. The first consisted of three days and calories up to 1000 calories. You can only eat once a day and only sirtfood products. The rest of the time, you should limit yourself to green vegetable smoothies. For the next four days, you can eat two solid foods and drink two glasses of juice. The total amount of calories should not exceed 1500. For the remaining two weeks, counting calories is not necessary, but it is important to stick to the diet list and not succumb to anyone’s persuasion to break it at least once.


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