Well, here it is again: in Russia, the rules for technical inspection of cars have once again changed

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Photo: Alexey Bychkov/Global Look Press/globallookpress.ru

On September 1, new rules for the inspection of vehicles came into force in Russia. Almost 30 items were deleted from the mandatory regulations. Including they will not check the presence of a first aid kit and an emergency stop sign.

In total, there were 82 requirements on the list earlier, which a technically sound car had to meet. Since the beginning of autumn, 27 of them have ceased to be mandatory. Thus, only 55 remained.

In addition to the presence of a first aid kit and a special road sign, experts will also not pay attention to drops of oil and other liquids falling from the engine, gearbox, final drives, rear axle, clutch, battery and air conditioner. The control of corrosion and mechanical damage on pipelines and hoses has ceased to be mandatory. You no longer have to measure the noise level in the exhaust system. The way tire wear is assessed will change — instead of the residual depth of the tread pattern, its height will be measured. Also, at the checkpoints, experts will ignore the performance of the fluid supply system to the windshield. New to the procedure is that the vehicle will now be tested for exhaust gas leakage around the exhaust manifold.

Since the beginning of the year, ordinary motorists have been exempted from mandatory technical inspection once a year, provided that the car is used for personal purposes. But checking the technical condition of the vehicle is still required to register it. Inspection remained mandatory if the car is used for work. Owners of taxi cars are also required to undergo the procedure, RBC reports.

Earlier, expert Yuri Bibilov listed the parts in the car that you should not change yourself. Including such elements include a bumper, its replacement must be carried out in certified traffic police centers.


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